Amy Bufalini never planned on being an expert on Cannabidiol (CBD). She was just looking for the best medicine for her son. When he was diagnosed with FSH muscular dystrophy in 1993, she began searching for natural and holistic ways to alleviate his suffering. When medical cannabis became legal in Colorado, she took her search there.

She found something so exciting, she decided to bring her newfound knowledge and this amazing product home to Vandergrift, PA. She began selling CBD from her home in January 2016, then opened a store in 2017. It was the first storefront in Pennsylvania to carry CBD products of any kind. With the state about to launch its medical cannabis program, she saw CBD as an important option for those who didn’t have any of the qualifying conditions but still suffered, or who didn’t want the intoxicating effects of THC.

Today, Amy only sells the cleanest, safest products. She brings her years of research and experience to each and every conversation with doctors and patients. Everybody is welcome to a personal consultation for yourself or for your pet. She loves working with each patient to learn about their condition and to find just the right tool in the vast array of CBD options that will bring the best healing experience. Those that can’t make it to the store get the same care by phone or via online video chat and enjoy free shipping on all products.

The stories of those she’s helped could fill a book. Satisfied patients and now many doctors all say the same thing, “Go See Amy!”