It’s been just over a year and a half since patients in PA have been able to legally purchase cannabis as medicine. That’s a year and a half of healing and health that thousands of people have been searching a very long time for, some for decades. 

Patients of all ages, races, and creeds have found relief from countless illnesses. Some have been able to come completely off of pharmaceuticals for everything from insomnia to high blood pressure to Crohn’s disease. There are countless patients with autism, some of them adults, that have become verbal for the first time in their lives. Thousands of patients have been able to return to the workforce after years and years of incapacitating depression and anxiety. 

The success stories are endless. If only people would listen to us. Now, over 200,000 patients in PA are living in fear that one of their most reliable forms of medicine, vapor cartridges, may be banned. 

Thanks to the dangerous and thriving black market, a frenzy of panic has swept the nation. The booming market for cheap, unregulated vape cartridges has turned deadly. 

To date, health officials have not linked any of the vape related illnesses in PA to legally obtained cannabis products sold at PA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. The fear for patients still remains, though. 

As educated patients, we do not fear the THC that is being blamed…we know better!  As educated patients, we fear our uneducated lawmakers. We fear that our medicine will be taken away because of a witch hunt that has nothing to do with cannabis at all. 

So far, our Department of Health maintains that our highly tested medicine is safe and is no cause for concern. It is paramount that we continue to speak out on this. It has become our job, as patients, to advocate for ourselves and each other. We absolutely must do everything in our power to educate the uneducated. 

Just yesterday, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker imposed an immediate four-month ban on all vape products. This decision is counterproductive in all ways. 

It is imperative that all patients and advocates continue to speak, rally, educate, share, and STAND for our medicine so this does not happen in PA. We cannot let ignorance become louder than truth. Banning legitimate, safe cannabis vape cartridges will do nothing but force patients and recreational users to go straight to the black market where the issue actually lies. Continued prohibition of cannabis on the federal level will continue to kill and incarcerate thousands of people nationwide. 

This vape cartridge “crisis” is a blatant repeat of the bathtub gin craze from the days of alcohol prohibition. Prohibition does not work. It kills. Period. It is in black and white. The uneducated will not look for the truth. It is up to us to be loud. It is up to us to fight. It is up to us to make sure that we are not ignored. We must not allow our medicine to be taken away by this “vape crisis”. Prohibition of cannabis and it’s “filthy black market” is, and always has been, the crisis. #educateyourself