Right now, the Lt. Governor of PA is on a listening tour to every county in the state — all 67 of them — to hear what people think about legalizing the recreational adult use of cannabis. In this episode, we get to hear from his wife, the Second Lady of PA Gisele Fetterman, about her thoughts on the subject.

She’s part of an All-Star panel that came together recently to discuss what happens to the medical cannabis program in Pennsylvania once adult use is legalized.  

We also hear from Rep. Jake Wheatley, author of an adult use bill in the state house, along with Rep. Ed Gainey, a staunch proponent, and Debbie Churgai, Interim Director of Americans for Safe Access, and an expert on state laws on recreation and medicinal cannabis use.


Recorded on March 30, 2019, at the Mind Body Holistic Healing Expo in Monroeville PA.