Mastering the Power of the Press

Medical cannabis is a huge issue with veterans, as it is often the most effective treatment for both pain and PTSD. So we’re proud to bring you profiles of veterans who are making waves in the cannabis industry by helping to make things better for other veterans.

In this podcast,  we speak with Erik Asher, a veteran of Desert Storm, who survived the darkest night of the soul to become a fierce proponent for the only medicine that actually works for him. Erik will tell the tale of the darkness and what brought him back to the light. Now on a limited income, he has learned how to triple the efficiency of the dry flower he purchases in authorized Pennsylvania dispensaries with the help of a rosin press

Stay tuned for a powerful story of survival, and some great tips for medical cannabis patients. We spoke in March 2019 at Mind Body and Holistic Healing Expo in Monroeville.  

You can find all of Erik Asher’s videos for each of his pressings on his YouTube Channel, along with a link to his free online spreadsheet of pressing results.